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What´s KitosCell®?


KitosCell® Gel is an original patent formula that improves the appereance of the skin diminishing abnormal scars to a minimun as well as other imperfections of fibrotic or inflammatory origin on the dermis, these can be caused by: quirugical injuries, burns, accidents, or the environment, like exposure to the sun, pregnancy or chemical agents.

Imperfections on the skin that are due to melasma (chloasma), scars (recent or established), stretch marks, wrinkles, or other injuries that have an effect on the extra cellular matrix, diminishing drastically, on most patients, generally, within six months of usage, applying KitosCell® gel 2 or 3 times per day.

Different studies show that with the constant application of 2 or 3 times per day on a six month period, will decresase the skin imperfection notoriously. On most cases the patients show clear signs of improvement within the first two months of daily application.

Due to the quality and innovation on its manufacturing technology and the action of its active ingridients KitosCell® Gel, is an effective and secure product, that acts as a Bio-modulator of anti-TNF & and as a regulator of TGF ß1, proving to be a secure and innovative biomodulator.


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